The videos below are all my personal fanvideos. They’re low quality because they’re old, just like I am. The footage I used:

  • X-Men (2000)
  • Darkness (2002)
  • X2: X-Men United (2003)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

I quit creating videos after X3, but never say never, I guess.

To download: just click on the ‘Download’ button next to the description and the download will start automatically. If they’re not available (the server may be temporarily down), or if anyone has trouble downloading, please contact me at the Logan and Marie Community at LiveJournal. Enjoy!

Title: Addicted
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Summary: Marie is addicted to Logan

Title: Beautifil Distaster
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Summary: Logan is a mess, but Marie loves him anyway

Title: Bleeding Love
Artist: Leona Lewis
Summary: Marie loves Logan, but it comes with a price

Title: Die for You
Artist: Megan McCauley
Summary: Logan and Marie both love and hate each other

Title: Duck and Run
Artist: 3 Doors Down
Summary: Logan is a stubborn badass

Title: Hear Me
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Summary: Marie needs Logan to come back

Title: Here Without You
Artist: 3 Doors Down
Summary: Logan is searching for his past but he misses Marie

Title: Naked
Artist: Avril Lavigne
Summary: Marie can’t hide her feelings for Logan

Title: Not So Tough
Artist: Ilse DeLange
Summary: Marie wants more than just friendship

Title: Probably Me
Artist: Sting & Eric Clapton
Summary: Logan takes care of Marie

Title: Reach Out
Artist: Four Tops
Summary: Logan will always be there for Marie

Title: Road I’m On
Artist: 3 Doors Down
Summary: Logan and Marie have a lot in common

Title: Rogue
Artist: Smooch Knob
Summary: Everyone loves Rogue

Title: Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way (TDATOW)
Artist: The Calling
Summary: Logan wants Marie, but is it a good idea?

Title: Wait for Me
Artist: Flaw
Summary: Logan has things to do before he’s ready for Marie

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